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Risks of explosion? IT’S WORTH RELYING ON ICMI

When safety is important, relying on chance is not convenient.
Ignoring, neglecting or not enforcing any legal provisions for preventing accidents at work, as specifically set forth in detail also on European level, means jeopardizing both people and things, which can be considered as a criminal offence. The grounding of systems in order to discharge electrostatic energy, or the connection with the grounding system to create an equalization of potential between containers of inflammable products (liquids, gas or powder) or those in areas of danger from explosion, must be carried out respecting the appropriate regulations with the correct appliances such as the earth clamps of ISEO 1 and ISEO 2 type.
They meet requirements because the electrical contact, which closes only after the mechanical connection of the clamp, is contained in an appropriate “d” explosion-proof housing according to EN60079-0, EN60079-1, EN61241-0 and EN61241-1 standards and belonging to the II2 GD group of equipment for explosive gas atmospheres Ex d IIC (hydrogen-acetylene) T6 and/or with flammable dust Ex tD A21 T85°C IP65, which can be used at an ambient temperature of -20°/+55°C. They are approved under the provisions of Directive 94/9/EC, as incorporated in Italy by D.p.r. 126 of 23/03/1998, under number CESI 03 ATEX 101X.