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The Company:

ICMI was established by the Valtellina family in 1975 in Zingonia (BG) Italy, well known entrepreneurs from Bergamo, working for many years in the telecommunications sector.

Packaging machine production:

ICMI started immediately with the design and construction of machines to close and tape cardboard boxes with gummed tape (safe, ecological, economical and resistance seal) or self-adhesive tape. Today the company is able to offer their clients guaranteed packaging solutions, proposing reliable and flexible standard machines as well as the design and construction of custom-built machines, as demonstrated by numerous and important client. For standard or high capacity, small or large boxes to be taped /stapled, Multiple or special taping, the most appropriate technical solution is proposed, with the aim of reducing packaging costs, increasing the value of the client’s image and the safeguard of their products.

The production of earthing clamps:

Since 1978 the production of machines was joined by the production of earthing clamps

Exclusive distribution:

ICMI has had the exclusive distribution in Italy for over twenty years:
– adhesive tape taping machines, wrap-around packager, manual and automatic formers for corrugated cardboard collapsible boxes, all Spanish production.
– Gummed paper manual humidifier to seal cardboard boxes, of German production;;
– Gummed paper in reels to seal cardboard boxes, of German production. The quality, various types, colour and dimension are still today unique in Italy and allow us to satisfy a large number of clients that appreciate service and products.


The services:

– The before and after sales assistance, guaranteed to the clients, is the show-piece of ICMI; this is testified by the judgement which the clients indicate on the questionnaires sent in compliance to one of the quality system procedures.
– The design and construction of entire packaging lines, to which ICMI integrate and manage, producing software, the machine which they have produced and/or marketed with that necessary to satisfy the client’s every need: roller or belt conveyors, weighing and labelling systems, ink-jet markers, automatic palletisers, etc, further qualifying ICMI in the sector.


Client satisfaction is fundamental for ICMI SRL, as a condition that is indispensable to ensure the continuity and success of their business, and is convinced that client satisfaction can only be achieved by ensuring the high qualitative level of the products, services and processes. Furthermore, ICMI SRL has decided to ensure external proof of their undertakings by documenting their Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard and requesting the certification of the system by an accredited third party, defined in the QSC, certified with certificate N. 9190.ICMI issued on 30th May 2003.

Concerning the earthing clamps, the certification certifying their conformity to the requirements of the 94/9/EC directive, recognised in Italy with D.P.R. 126 dated 23/3/1998, is type: CESI 03 ATEX 101X, issued by the CESI Milano on 19th May 2003.