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Normal gummed paper tape are made in accordance with the German standards DIN 55475 and essentially made up of a single strip of paper with at least 90% of Kraft fresh cellulose, as foreseen by the DIN 55405 standard. The application of vegetable glue (starch gum, standard spreading) or animal glue (gelatine, spreading on request) on paper strips complete the tape.

Made of paper as mentioned (90% of Kraft fresh cellulose), it can be supplied in the natural colour (Havana brown), white with bleached pulp, or coloured with pigmented pulp, and available in different weights and widths as detailed below, satisfying a wide range of needs. The quality of the raw material and the manufacture guarantee the technical specifications listed below (tests carried out in accordance with DIN 53112).
Vegetable glue (starch gum) that with the correct humidification guarantees a rapid, secure and long-lasting grip of the tape on the clean, but not prepared, walls of the packaging. 21 g/m² of glue are applied (+ – 2g/m²).
Available with animal glue (gelatine) on request: exceptional rapidity and hold.

The tapes are normally supplied on 70 mm diameter cores for machinable reels and without cores for dispensers. The gummed side faces outwards.

If the tape is used in an environment with a temperature between 12°C and 17°C, hot water (35°C) should be used which improves the holding speed. Use normal water for humidification that is not too hard (< 30° French). Remove the minimum number of reels to be used from the package and conserve the remainder in a dry (50-60% R.H.) and temperate (10-30°C) location.