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ADPE Applications

 carburante  prodotti  miscelazioni  movimentazioni
Transfer of fuel
The operations of loading
and unloading of tank
trucks must take place in
maximum safety.
Transfer of chemicals
Flammable substances
are particularly dangerous
during the process of
The mixing of particular
substances may generate
electrostatic charges.
Movements of
dangerous products
Lift, drag and storage are
high-risk times.
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Also these powders may explode for a spark:

Wheat/Corn Cocoa Lactose Titanium Rubber Acetylsalicylic Acid Turf
Coffee Rice Sulfur Nickel Polyester Vitamin C Asphalt
Flour Urea Zinc Aluminum Cellulose Calcium Stearate Cork
Sugar Dextrin Manganese Pvc Epoxy Resin Coal Wood


ISEO 1: Grounding for the elimination of the accumulation of electrostatic energy ISEO 2: Grounding connected to equipment for signaling and control
iseo1 iseo2-2