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PA-2 / PA-2/7

The semiautomatic carton erector, model PA-2, is a very helpful tool for the operator who forms cartons for filling on the spot.
The operator has to unfold the American type carton and place the bottom side inside the PA-2. Upon contact with a sensor, a pneumatical system will fold the lower flaps closed.
The main advantage of this machine is that it keeps the bottom flaps folded and the carton held in place, so that the operator has both hands free to fill the box.
Once the carton is filled, pushing a button expels the carton automatically; the following step is usually a sealer: D-15, D-25 or D-35.
After a short training period, any operator can achieve a great output speed; besides, his working position is much more comfortable than with other systems that demand holding the box while filling it.
Machine built in Spain by DNC SA.