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TYPE OF BUSINESS: Underwear – Beachwear

Triumph International Rome Spa, our customers for some time, requested the design of a taping machine to close and tape boxes both with self-forming base and with 4 collapsible type flaps on the upper part as well boxes with base and lid (so called “marmot” boxes). The client wished to adopt a new and particular solution:
1) Strap the marmot box with 2 PP straps and then apply a strip of gummed tape on top to:
– Unite the lid of the box to the base;
– Guarantee that the straps remained in the position that they were applied at all times;
2) Close the 4 upper flaps of the semi-collapsible box and seal them with gummed tape.
The formats were as follows: 5 for the marmot boxes and 3 for the semi-collapsible boxes, as described below.

The following data was given:
– 8 box formats (3 collapsible type and 5 base + lid type) in the following dimensions:
– Width: min. 290 mm; max. 400 mm
– Length: min. 395 mm; max. 604 mm
– Height: min. 84 mm; max. 580 mm
– 3 heights of lid edges: 58 mm, 150 mm and 180 mm.
– Capacity: 6-7 boxes/minute;
– H rollers: 750 mm +- 50 mm

Based on that requested by the client, we proposed a fully automatic taping machine (auto-dimensioning with closure of the 4 upper flaps), that based on the information contained within special barcodes read by the scanner at the entrance to the taping machine, detects whether the box entering is collapsible, i.e. to be closed and taped on the upper part, or marmot type, i.e. to be taped in the upper part with adjustable vertical sections (in automatic) from 80 mm to 260 mm, to unit the base to the lid. Some particular shipments also needed to be managed in line, again based on the barcode read at the entrance to the taping machine, which acted in this case as a “conveyor” only.

– Upper taping: normal 70 mm wide gummed tape with reinforcing strands;
– Variable height of the vertical sections based on the type of box: from 80 mm to 260 mm;
– Auto-dimensioning on the box format to close and tape or tape only, with “random” arrival to the taping machine;
– Fully automatic machine with closure and taping of the upper flaps;
We received the supply order after many months of design, offer, and the technical evaluation of the client.

The technical solutions engineered and adopted in building the machine, aimed at satisfying the above mentioned requirements, were special and innovative for a taping machine:
1) Movement of the upper taping unit and the box conveyor and centring side guides ensured by a hydraulic control block with an operating pressure of 30-35 bar;
2) Impression roller management by means of a proportional pressure valves operated by an electronic transducer;
3) Operator command/interface synoptic panel;
4) Data exchange with client’s box management/handling system and reading of barcodes applied to the boxes with subsequent automatic selection of the taping machine’s working cycle:
– For collapsible boxes: detection of the package dimensions with folding of upper flaps and subsequent upper taping;
– For marmot boxes: detection of the package dimensions, taping with upper and lower vertical sections based on the height of the lid edge;
– For transport only: detection of the package dimensions and feed of the box.

The machine started work in May 1999 and is still operating to the client’s full satisfaction (and above all to the optimum and well trained maintenance engineers), after approximately 2.800.000 work cycles with the taping machine working full time.

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