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Case History SITEMA Srl


TYPE OF BUSINESS: Company specialised in the analysis, design, consultancy and in the production of systems in the wood sector

Sitema Srl, who are already one of our clients, specialised in the analysis, design and consultancy in the production of systems in the wood sector, requested us the design of a manual regulating taping machine for their client, to tape boxes both with Collapsible type upper and lower flaps and “dinked” boxes, containing:
– Accessories for doors and desks (handles, screws, lock, etc);
– Wooden/plastic tops for desks;
– Wood/plywood panels for doors;

The client wanted a special and particular taping machine: In fact they requested a machine equipped with 3 upper taping units and 3 lower taping units to apply 3 strips of self-adhesive tapes; 2 along the central part of the boxes, with a return on the lower part and 4 “C” sections, on the front and rear sides of the boxes. Using 75 mm wide adhesive tape.

The following data was transmitted:
– Width: min. 600mm; max. 1000mm
– Length: min. 1200mm; max. 2500mm
– Height: min. 40mm; max. 600mm
– Capacity: 7-8 boxes/minute;
– H roller: 700mm +- 50mm

Based on that requested by the client, we proposed a taping machine manually adjustable for height and width, capable of applying 3 strips of adhesive tape at 150 mm centres. Vertical front and back sections of 55 mm guarantee the variable overlapping of the adhesive tape based on the height of the boxes: from 40 mm to 55 mm total overlapping, from 55 to 100 partial overlapping of 55 and 5 mm respectively.

This defines:
– Upper and lower taping: PPL adhesive tape of 40/75 mm in width;
– Vertical height of the vertical sections, based on the type of box: from 10 mm to 55 mm;
– Manual dimensioning on the box to be taped; We received the supply order after 8 months of design, offer, and the technical evaluation of the client.

The technical solutions engineered and adopted in building the machine, aimed at satisfying the above mentioned requirements, were special and innovative for a taping machine:
1) 3 simple and reliable upper and lower taping units (with 150 mm centres), able to apply adhesive tape with vertical front and back sections of approx. 55 mm in length and horizontal sections as required;
2) pneumatically controlled cylinders for the control of the impression rollers;
3) pneumatically controlled cutting of the adhesive tape;
4) reel braking device to ease and adjust the unwinding of the adhesive tape even with 1320 m reels
5) programmable logic sequencer to manage the work cycle of the machine and installed accessories;
6) pre-unwinding gear-motor to synchronise the unwinding of the lateral reels of tape with the feed of the boxes and thereby the correct application of the “C” strips;
7) box conveyor belt with “profile” to process boxes with H variable from 40 to 600 mm;
8) Device to exclude the lateral taping unit.

The machine started work in June 2003 and is still operating to the client’s full satisfaction.

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